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Spacetime Developer Guides

Welcome to the Spacetime Developer Guides! These guides provide an overview of Spacetime’s object model and step-by-step instructions on how to interact with Spacetime’s APIs.


Spacetime has 3 APIs:

  • The Northbound Interface (NBI) allows humans or applications to define and orchestrate a network. This includes functions such as specifying the time-dynamic position and orientation of platforms and antennas, defining networking parameters on each node in the network, and creating requests for service that will be scheduled and routed through the network.
  • The Control to Data-plane Interface (CDPI), or Southbound Interface, allows Spacetime to control network devices and receive updates in return. This includes functions such as steering antenna beams to establish new links and configuring RF parameters like the transmit power and channel.
  • The Federation API, or East-West Interface, allows peer networks to request and to supply network resources and interconnections between partners’ networks. This facilitates dynamic, real-time inter-network connections, which allows operators to automatically and quickly supplement gaps in network coverage or advertise unused capacity to make full use of underutilized assets.

Access the APIs

Find the Spacetime APIs in this Github repository.

Spacetime’s APIs are built on Protocol Buffers, a language-agnostic format and toolchain for serializing messages, and gRPC, a performant RPC framework with many sophisticated features.